WorkWell - Corporate Wellness Programs




The differentiating factor in the health of your business...  is the health of your employees.

Corporate wellness programs improve company productivity through:


•  Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
•  Reduced healthcare costs
•  Decreased rates of illness and injuries

•  Reduced employee absenteeism and lost time
•  Improved employee relations and morale
•  Increased productivity


WorkWell provides an organized, systematic approach to infusing health promotion into your organization.  By identifying the prominent health indicators within your organization and understanding how health promotion will fit into your current structure, Wellspring will facilitate the design and implementation of recommended strategies for including and promoting health interventions into your short and long term organization objectives.
When you invest in your people, you demonstrate that they are of value.  You will see returns on your investment in your employee’s morale, productivity and loyalty... and your bottom line!

No organization is too big or too small to benefit from our customized services.


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