The Wellness Connection

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Welcome to The Wellness Connection – thirty minutes of “good for you TV” offering audiences a unique angle on health and wellness. In each episode of The Wellness Connection we’ll explore information on how food, exercise, art, animals, music and other non-traditional approaches are being used to promote physical and mental well-being for yourself, your family and your community.


With natural solutions being used to promote health in every arena – from home to hotels to hospitals – our choices for creating healthier lives for ourselves, our families and our communities are vast.  Not sure how to put it all together to work for you?   Join me, Dr. Lynise Anderson, my colleagues and guests as we explore how common things are being used in uncommon ways to make the connection; the Wellness Connection!



Our show will feature Hot Topic interviews with special local and regional guests who will share their stories about finding creative ways to infuse well-being into their  businesses and organizations.


Viewers will have an opportunity to get Well With L as we give you practical and up to date information on today’s most pressing health issues, nutrition, supplements, and other natural remedies.



You’ll also learn how to make your life more Simple, Savvy & Sustainable as we share everyday natural solutions you can use in your home and for your personal health.


And, you’ll learn how to get Fit with Food as some of the area’s top chefs and nutritional experts share their knowledge of cooking, shopping and foods overall effect on your health and well-being.