Passport to Health (P.T.H.)

Where Do You Want To Go?
With more and more people choosing to take a proactive role in their own health and wellbeing, the message of prevention is not only timely, but necessary.


True health and healing begins first by being informed and second by taking action based on accurate information . Having access to accurate information that empowers you to confidently make choices about your health is a vital component in the effort to promote and encourage individual responsibility for wellness.

Come along on the journey!  
Join the journey to a healthier, happier you!  Through this 10-week program  you’ll learn fitness, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to enhance well-being, longevity and vitality.


Your Trip Itinerary
 Week 1:  Baggage Check In
 Week 2:  Your Map to Success
 Week 3:  Due North—Structural Health
 Week 4:  The Island of Intention
 Week 5:  Refueling Station
 Week 6:  Taking a Vacation from Stress
 Week 7:  Clear Waters!  Smooth Sailing!
 Week 8:  Now You’re Movin’!
 Week 9:  Disembark
 Week 10:  Welcome Home Party!